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What is Super?

Superannuation (super for short) is Australia’s compulsory national pension scheme. While you’re working down under, at least 9.5% of your pay will be put into an Aussie super fund. This money is then invested in global shares and other assets.

What if I’m a Kiwi?

Kiwis must either leave their super in Australia or move it to a KiwiSaver provider back home. They cannot cash out their super like other temporary residents.

What if I become a permanent resident before I leave?

Once you’re a permanent resident, you cannot cash out your super when you leave Australia. Today only Kiwi’s can transfer their full balance to their home pension plan. The earliest age you will be able to access your super is 60.

Can I take it when I leave?

Temporary residents leaving Australia for good  (excluding Kiwis) can take part of their super in cash when they leave.  Working Holiday Makers on 417 and 462 visas can take 35% of their super in cash. The other 65% is paid to the Australian Tax Office, and is known as a Departing Australian Superannuation Payment or DASP

What if I’m here on a 457 visa?

If you never held a Working Holiday visa, then when you leave your DASP payment is what’s left over once you’ve paid a 35% tax on the taxed part of your super, and a 45% tax on the untaxed part. You can learn more here.

What if I had a Working Holiday visa, and now I don’t?

It sucks, but under the current law, working holidaymakers, who later switched to a different visa (like the 457 sponsorship visa), will pay 65 per cent tax on all super accumulated into the same account, no matter what their new sponsored visa status is.


Is there any way around this?

Yes! Set up a separate super account once you move from a Working Holiday Visa to a sponsored visa. We can make this transition easy at Zuper.

We make it easy for visa holders in Australia to make the most of their super

What is Zuper Super?

Zuper is a low cost super fund that helps you:

  • Track all your employer super payments. We also notify you if don’t get paid in time.
  • Update your super details with your employer.
  • Invest your money in blue chip stocks as well as tech, renewables and biotech businesses.

Who is Zuper?

We’re just like you; young, innovative, and passionate about the world we live in – and not from here.

We’ve made Australia our home, coming from as far afield as New Zealand, the UK and the US. It means we know how hard it is to manage your money as an expat, and we want to make it easier.

As featured in:

As a world leader in medical research, Novartis is taking their achievements to a new level – having developed the first molecularly-targeted cancer therapy.

Leading the way in sustainable power generation, First Solar operates some of the largest grid-connected solar power plants in the world. If the sun is shining, First Solar will be catching it for you.

Multinational Garmin brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. Wherever you want to go, Garmin help make it possible.

You’ll also be invested in companies like this.
All our funds are tobacco and controversial weapons free.

Join Zuper today for simpler expat super

Visas, jobs and flats are hard enough. Let us take the hassle out of super for you, so you can make the most of your time in Australia

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